Hi, I'm Lawrence Magana!

Utah's Premiere Graphic Designer, Illustrator and UI/UX Designer

Cafe Rio Secrets Campaign
Cafe Rio's Secrets campaign was a exciting time. I had a chance to not only create multiple billboards, but create digital ads for the Cafe Rio Secrets campaign as well.
Viva Chicken NCR APP Build Process and Design
Viva Chicken's Mobile App needed an update due to the new features and capablities that NCR currently offers. New Features = New Design. We were allowed to not only re-design the app, but also give Viva Chicken a new vision of their brand in a digital setting. We worked with Viva Chicken on the UI and UX, revision after revision, refining the look and feel.
California Fish Grill Kiosk Design
California Fish Grill Kiosk Tablet Design for In-House Ordering and Pickup
Badlands Hygiene Packaging Project.
Tasked to give a vision into a new branch of the Badlands brand. The Badlands Hygiene products are odor eliminators that vary from lip balm to laundry detergent.
Parkway Avenue Web Development
Parkway Avenue Designs is a interior design studio located in Draper, UT. The company recently had their grand opening and the website was up and running to point potential customers in the right direction.
Lithium Auto Care - Branding and Packaging
Lithium Auto Care has been detailing cars for over 20 years. Not for the money, but the love and gratification. Lithium approached us when they were researching packaging, they wanted something that would separate them from other Car Care products. Dual Pixel delivered these exciting pieces that leave customers wanting to see what the product is capable of. The packaging was made colorful so that when customers posted results on Social Media there would be no doubt that the product was Lithium Auto
Lithium Auto Care Web and Social Media Creative
Lithium Auto Care wanted an e-commerce website that could show off their mind-blowing products. We should the Lithium Team that we could not only deliver a E-commerce website, but we could create Jaw Dropping graphics they could use for promotional items.
Mazuma Website
Mazuma Conceptual Web Development. Web Development by Dual Pixel LLC
My Studio ID - Interior Designer Website
My Studio Id is a Premium interior design studio that specializes in restaurant interior design. They needed a website that showed off their work with large imagery and detailed information. We provided all that and more.
POS Technologies Logo and Branding
Brand and Logo Design for Utah Company POS Technologies. A complete re-imagination of colors from the ground up. Everything old had to go – the colors, the fonts, the designs – everything. We came up with a whole new set of branding colors, fonts, logos, website colors and more.
Everything Eichler Logo Design and Branding
Lucent Earth Logo Designs
Lucent Earth is a Utah Local Electrician company. Dual Pixel always looks for ways to flex it's creative muscle. Going through the creative process we ended up resolving on some great looking symbolic and fun looking logos.
Sno-Go Website
Web Design and Development for Sno-Go Brand. Multiple web solutions were included including a E-Commerce solution, where customers could buy a complete Sno-Go Bike Package.
Badlands Patented Approach Camo Design
Badlands Approach Camouflage Design was an excellent and exciting project that spanned 2 years of research. In the end Mother Nature influenced the creation of Badlands Approach Camo
Beauty Theory Logo and Print Material
Beauty Theory Logo Design, Post Cards and Business Cards
Incomplete - Mani Wraps Branding and Logo Design
This Project is Incomplete but it was still a great experience to work with such a colorful brand.
Project Jericho Non-Profit Branding and Design
Brand Design, T-Shirt, Billboards, you name it. Dual Pixel wanted to give Project Jericho a look that was non-traditional concerning religion. Dual Pixel delivered the solution...again.
Approach FX Logo Design
Badlands needed a new techy approach logo for the new Camo variation of the Approach camo. The solution was a clean techy looking Approach FX Logo.
Badlands AFX Camoflauge Micro Site
Technology is everything in the hunting world and Badlands wanted to show off their new Camoflauge tech. So we created a website that was clean, techy and bold, showing off the beautiful camo product and beautiful lifestyle photography to sell the hunting dream.
Utah Physical Therapy - Web Design and Development
The Utah Physical Therapy website was created to support UPTS' clients. It is a portal for payment and also is used to schedule appointments and reserve their placement for seminars.
Badlands Rack Attack Video Series
Badlands wanted to create a constant flow of social media influence and content. Dual Pixel jumped in with the team and a new era of product videos began. Our team shoots the videos, edits, creates motion graphics and supporting print/digital items. Go ahead watch one above for a quick chuckle and eye roll.
Fully FUNctional Websites
This page is all about the FUN of Functionality, which is why we showed some awesome examples of the cool solutions we created for our clients. Some solution integrated Google Map's Direction, Maps and locations API's, while others "Simply" utilized Bot's to answer and acquire customer information.
Cafe Rio Motion Graphics and Video Editiing
Cafe Rio wanted the text to be vibrant and colorful and match the beautiful brand that our marketing team created. These motion graphics were created for the website and are currently used on the website to tantalize viewers taste buds. SUCCESS!!
Cafe Rio Billboard Advertising
Creation of Billboards for Cafe Rio
Badlands Digital Catalog 2018
Want to avoid printing costs? What about a digital catalog with interactivity, video and clickable links to your website? Yep... sounds good! See it live here: http://dualpixeldesigns.com/Solutions/magazines/Badlands-2018-Catalog/
Everything Eichler Apparel
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