Welcome to a deep look into one of my teams entire NCR mobile app platform UI/UX design process. We hope you see the amount of work that goes into a professional design experience. We do not leave anything to the imagination, we always want the client to know the direction of the design.

Round 1 - We provide our clients with 3 - 4 visual directions for the app. Since this team was looking into updating their brand look and design, we were given free reign of multiple styles of design.
Round 2 - The Client then provides feedback concerning the direction they are excited about. Our team get's back to work on exceeding the client's expectations.
Round 3 - This round we started adhering strictly to NCR's limited mobile app design requirements. We utilized creative solutions to give the mobile app a more custom look and feel.
Round 4 - On the approval of the NCR build we launched into final builds, we wanted the client to know what every major screen and interaction would look like before they jumped into costly programming.
Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our process. Leave us a like or comment below. THANKS AGAIN!
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