We will clean up soft good and hard goods in this class. The teacher will lead you through tips and tricks used by the pro’s when cleaning up product. While adjusting, the shape, poses, coloration and any blemishes necessary.
Our intent is to show the class how to produce a professional looking piece of work without compromising the integrity of the product photography.

The instructor will note we are not magicians; we are more artist/scientists. We cannot create something from nothing, but we can bend, shape, reuse and alter reality.

We will be cleaning up advanced patterns:
•    Jackets (Soft Goods)
•    Backpacks (Soft Goods)
•    Amazon Type Items

Tools we will be covering are:
•    Puppet Warp Tool
•    Liquify Tool
•    Pen  Tool
•    Clone tool
•    Warp Transform Tool

Must be experienced in:
•    Pen Tool

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